RTV Rijnmond E-Soccer Cup

In collaboration with RTV Rijnmond, we organized the Rijnmond E-Soccer Cupon Friday, 18 May. The best players of all of our FIFA 18 tournaments from the area of Rijnmond qualified for these finals at the head office of RTV Rijnmond. Through a group stage + knock-out stage, around forty top players from Rotterdam competed against one another. Everything was broadcasted through a live stream and was provided with commentary, analysts, interviews, a schoutcaster and everything that comes into play with a professional production.

The video above contains the final stage of the tournament, the finale, with the following prize ceremony and interviews. The eventual winner of the tournament was Thijs Verkuil of VV Nieuwekerk, Raav van der Eijk from Maasluis came in at a close second place. Prizes were awarded by Frank van der Slot, a player who competites in the E-division on behalf of Sparta Rotterdam. In the battle for bronze, Leon den Broef beat Senna Muis with 6-2.

The live stream on Facebook reached around 7000 viewers. If you’d not only want to watch the final stage, but the entire tournament, we would like to refer you to the following page:click here.

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