About us

Who is WePlay Esports?

WePlay Esports started in 2013. We want to create and host the coolest tournaments, event and activations for you. Everything based on gaming and esports. We strongly believe that gaming is the way to reach millennials and to activate them. Our mission to give fun is central in all our activities. That starts with having fun ourselves. We enjoy the relations with our participants, our clients and our team, in which friendship is fundamental. Always with a entrepreneurial spirit, with a focus on getting things done.

What we do

We have in-house esports expertise, allowing us to invent gaming events and gaming activations, to reinforce esports strategies and build your brand. We have a network of great partners to help us. Think of:

  • Marketing
  • Concept development
  • Content creation
  • Event management
  • Use of esporters
  • Use of influencers
  • Online esportsplatform WePlay Champions
  • Project management
  • Social media and pr

What it means

  • Events which link participants to your brand
  • Campaigns with impact and visibility
  • Happy participants with a smile on your event
  • Marketing campaigns generating enthusiasm about your brand
  • Personal data of a difficult to reach target audience
  • Measurable conversion of your products and services
  • Online esports platform WePlay Champions

Our vision

We believe in gaming and esports as the evolution of traditional sports. Gaming well is only possible when you are mentally and physically healthy. We believe in a future where gaming competitions go hand in hand with the traditional sport associations. This will be online, but also offline and in hybrid. But one thing is sure: as soon as the world is ready, we are.

We organiseren weer events. 😁 Lees hier ons hygiëneprotocol. 📝