In collaboration with our regional partners, WePlay Esports organizes a new concept: the WePlay FIFA 18 cup! A FIFA tournament in your canteen, from which the winner qualifies for the regional finals. Our partner creates visibility through their website and social channels. We organize an unforgettable FIFA 18 tournament, in which we take everything off your shoulders.

Are you thinking about organizing a FIFA 18 tournament? But is renting PlayStations and Televisions tricky? Stop looking. We offer you the solution and with our years of experience, we can manage any challenge. Organize a FIFA 18 tournament at your club, without having to call in volunteers. And that’s not everything yet. At the end of the season, all of the best FIFA 18 players are invited to partake in the regional finals. There they can win a real eSports contract!

The WePlay FIFA 18 cup in a initiative of WePlay Esports in collaboration with VIDB, Haaglanden Voetbal, VoetbalRotterdam, Het Gelderse Voetbal, Tweenul and Rondom Voetbal. More information can be found on

Juichende deelnemer FIFA 18 toernooi

In collaboration with 100% Voetbal, we organized a big FIFA 18 tournament across all of the Netherlands. In nearly all 100% Voetbal stores, FIFA 18 was played this autumn break. In a tournament format, 2 vs. 2. In every store, sixteen teams battled against each other. They did this in the store, where a small gaming area was built. The winners qualified for the finals in the PSV stadium.

But there were more winners! In every store, a 100% Voetbal gift voucher was put up for raffle. And, of course, they played on the PlayStation 4s and TVs of WePlay Esports, guided by our enthusiastic event managers.

The 100% Voetbal FIFA 18 Cup was in collaboration between 100% Voetbal and WePlay Esports.

We organized an activation for Adidas in the Intersport Twinsport Den Haag.

Saturday, October 28 was the day. The battle for the golden controller commenced in the Intersport Twinsport Den Haag. Who remains unbeaten the longest? It was Mehdi who, under the commentary of Youtuber FC Roellie, possessed the controller for 181 minutes, without conceding one goal. In the meanwhile, a DJ brought in a lively atmosphere, while customers of Intersport could try new ‘skill games’ while wearing Adidas shoes.

Goal of the day: Activate Adidas during the opening of the Intersports Twinsport in Den Haag. WePlay Esports created an Adidas branded FIFA 18 area and took care of the guidance. It was a big success. And partially because FC Roellie had announced the activation through his YouTube channel (250K subscribers) and was present on site (this is how you reach the milennial nowadays), there was a lot of traffic in the store.

Curious as to what we can do you? We would like to help think when it comes to branding and activations. We would love to employ our network of commercial parties and influencers in order to help you!

The activation in the Intersport Twinsport Den Haagwas a collaboration between Adidasand WePlay Esports.

In collaboration with de Genkies, the kids club of KRC Genk, we organized the Genkies FIFA Cup. They have their own editors, who created an aftermovie for the tournament. The movie perfectly captures why a FIFA tournament is so much fun and what the difference is between a FIFA tournament on the pitch and a FIFA tournament on the PlayStation.

WePlay Esports will work together with VR Productions. Since a few months, VR Productions has been taking care of the aftermovies for WePlay Esports. And starting now, they’ll do that as the official production partner. This way, we can garantee beautiful aftermovies for your event for a fair fee.

VR Productions is an initiative of Joran de Vries (Gouda, 1996) & Tim Richters (Gouda, 1995). Joran and Tim are no strangers to WePlay Esports. Besides the production of movies, they are Event Managers at WePlay Esports. Joran and Tim about their company: “To be able to work with our passion and also make our customers happy with a custom-made video is – in one word – amazing.”

VR Productions is a media company that specializes in filming and editing movies. Ever since they were young, Tim and Joran have had an affinity with filming and editing videos. Their goal is to both inform and amuse their viewers. They’ll ensure that your message comes across to your target group with footage and sound. VR Productions is a young and dynamic company that prioritizes personal contact. In consultation with you, they’ll create a custom-made video! Interested in what they can do for you? Have a look at their website, or talk to Tim or Joran during one of our events.

In 2019, the first Esoccer Championship Rotterdam will take place. This is a FIFA 19 competition for sports clubs (mainly football clubs) from the are of Rotterdam, supported by Rotterdam Sportsupport.

After a successful pilot with Rotterdam Sportsupport and six sports assocations from Rotterdam in 2018, WePlay Esports and House of Esports have joint forces. Based on the experiences of the past season and with a new format, they’ve come up with a new concept: the Esoccer Championship Rotterdam. A FIFA 19 competition for sports clubs and primarily football clubs.

The thought behind this is boosting the regular recreational sports and the recreational sports within esports. By having gamers take the stage, the level will rise and more structure within the sports will arise. An amateur competition like the Rotterdam Esoccer Championship will become a breeding ground with gaming talents for teams or associations that play at a higher level.

For more background information and interviews (in Dutch) we’d like to refer you to the articles of RTV Rijnmond, Marketing Tribune en Sponsor Report.

Did you know that more and more sports clubs are organizing gaming tournaments? Gaming tournaments at sports clubs are here to stay. The market is booming with initiatives. Sports clubs are embracing esports. On a local scale, gaming tournaments are being organized. How is that possible? Why are esports and sports clubs so inseperably connected to each other?

1. The sports clubs is a community (and that community consists of gamers)

Every weekend, around 3 million Dutch people meet each other on the pitch. Parents talk to each other around the pitch, veterans drink a beer in the canteen and the youngest youth sell lottery tickets together for charity. The sports club is the place where people come together. Coming together is – next to exercising – an important societal function for sports clubs. Gaming – and 90% of the youth simply does it – brings people together. Gaming connects existing and new members to each other. How cool is it when the sports club lets youth members and friends meet each other during gaming?

2. Esports as the solution to losing (the connection with) members

Each club benefits from a healthy membership file. The continuity of a sports club ties together with the number of members. A lot of clubs are losing (the connection with) members because the emphasis is on performing. That trend can be broken through esports. Exactly because esports requires different skills, the right fullback of JO15-4 might just beat the top-scorer of JO17-1. Gaming together in the canteen does not only lead to different dynamics, but members will also stick around.

3. Esports and traditional sports are tied together.

Esports and traditional sports complete each other. Can you imagine: playing a tennis game together after the tennis training in order train tactics? Perhaps that’s possible because your club has a gaming corner in which the youth are improving themselves while gaming. Or the esports team is training while you’re outside looking at how your daughter is moving around the pitch. That esports team by now has become part of the club, because gaming offers a clear addition.

4. Daddy, I want to be an esports player!

Gen Z lives on their smartphone, watches YouTube and follows Instagram. Whether you like it or not. Roll models are no longer just Memphis Depay and Frenkie de Jong, but also Koen Weijland and Raoul de Graaf. Partially due to the success of the Edivision(professional football clubs have their own esports player), ‘becoming an esports player’ is now a more concrete goal than ever. But where do you begin when you want to become the esports player of Ajax or Feyenoord? Exactly, as a gamer at Zeeburgia or Spartaan ’20.

5. Esports as the domain within the sports club with their own competition structure.

Big and small organisation are initiating gaming tournaments at sports clubs on a local scale. Mark my words: within five years, there’ll be a national competition structure (comparable to a sports federation) in which sports clubs compete with one another in a joint gaming competition. This is how we at WePlay Esports recently started the Esoccer Championship Rotterdam in collaboration with Rotterdam Sportsupport and House of Esports. Sports clubs are part of a competition, in which youth members and esports teams with other associations are eligible. This way, it can happen that the esports team of hockey club Leonidas visits football club FC Ijsselmonde.

On Saturday, April 13, the Rabo eCup took place in the eBox at Stadium De Vijverberg. The gaming tournament did not only result in four winners, but also a lot of smiling faces.

Na het enorme succes van Epic Games’ shooter Fortnite, leek het wachten op een nieuwe rage. En die is er; het Canadese Electronic Arts bracht Apex Legends een week geleden op de markt en heeft nu al meer dan 25 miljoen spelers. Hoe komt het dat deze game zo’n succes is?

De studio Respawn Entertainment werd in 2017 overgenomen door EA. Met het behalen van de 25 miljoen deelnemers zet Apex Legendsde groei voort die het direct na de release inzette. Acht uur na de introductie van het spel waren er een miljoen spelers en na 72 uur was dat toegenomen tot tien miljoen.

Het succes van de game legt Electronic Arts geen windeieren. Het aandeel van de techgigant steeg met ruim 16%. Dat de nieuwe hit ook in Nederland aanslaat, wordt bevestigt doordat gevestigde namen als Milan Knol de game omarmen.

Daarom bieden wij als WePlay Esports per direct ook Apex Legends gaming events aan. Wij hebben al ervaring met het gieten van een Battle Royale game in competitievorm, door de vele Fortnite events die wij al georganiseerd hebben. Meer informatie? Neem contact op of bel 020 220 2122.

In collaboration with RTV Rijnmond, we organized the Rijnmond E-Soccer Cupon Friday, 18 May. The best players of all of our FIFA 18 tournaments from the area of Rijnmond qualified for these finals at the head office of RTV Rijnmond. Through a group stage + knock-out stage, around forty top players from Rotterdam competed against one another. Everything was broadcasted through a live stream and was provided with commentary, analysts, interviews, a schoutcaster and everything that comes into play with a professional production.

The video above contains the final stage of the tournament, the finale, with the following prize ceremony and interviews. The eventual winner of the tournament was Thijs Verkuil of VV Nieuwekerk, Raav van der Eijk from Maasluis came in at a close second place. Prizes were awarded by Frank van der Slot, a player who competites in the E-division on behalf of Sparta Rotterdam. In the battle for bronze, Leon den Broef beat Senna Muis with 6-2.

The live stream on Facebook reached around 7000 viewers. If you’d not only want to watch the final stage, but the entire tournament, we would like to refer you to the following page:click here.

The world is captivated by Fortnite. Old and young, everyone has been playing the free game ‘Fortnite – Battle Royale’ since a number of months. Not only casual gamers have flocked to play this game, but also many FIFA Youtubers have (live)streamed this new competitive environment. Koen Weijland, in collaboration with Paskie Rokus, made a compilation of his progress in Fortnite.

We at WePlay Esports naturally would like to take advantage of that. Naturally, we could simply set-up our consoles and let them play Fortnite, but then there is no guarantee that the players end up in the same world. And that undermines our entire philosophy: having fun together. It’d be everyone for themselves. But, as of last week, that has been changed.

Thanks to a new update from the developers of the game, it is now possible to create a private game. Anyone that uses the same ‘key’, is dropped into the same world. That way, we can organize amazing events in which everyone is dropped into the same world together. For more information regarding these possibilities, we would like to refer you to the Fortnite event page.

How does Fortnite work?
The game is fundamentally different from many other shooters like Call of Duty, Counter Strike and Battlefield. In these games, the goal is to get as many kills as possible. Fortnite is not just about kills, but also about surviving. You are dropped into a world with about 80 other players and whoever survives the longest, wins the game. There are various tactics to win the game. Because players can alter the world themselves by demolishing or building certain elements, the game becomes super dynamic and interactive.

Sinds afgelopen weekend hebben we nieuwe gamecases in gebruik. De uitstraling is stoer, het materiaal is robuust en de kwaliteit is verzekerd. We zijn trots op onze geüpgrade sets die wellicht binnenkort bij jou te bewonderen zijn!

De nieuwe gamecases zorgen ervoor dat we nog sneller klaar zijn met opbouwen. Feitelijk bouwen we niet op: we zetten slechts de gamecases neer. Jij wijst de stopcontacten aan en wij doen de rest. Vervolgens zorgen de gamecases voor een super professionele uitstraling van jouw event. Bij WePlay Esports kies je voor kwaliteit, gemak en plezier!

De gamecases zijn op maat gemaakt door YourNext.