A FIFA tournament in cooperation with WePlay Esports. A FIFA tournament in your football club, with a regional final, or a tournament as a side event on your party? Everything is possible. We have years of experience in organizing FIFA tournaments and it’s a pleasure to help you.


Fortnite is the game of the moment. WePlay Esports facilitates your Fortnite birthday party or marketing event with influencers. We work with a unique concept where we attribute points based on the number of kills and your final ranking of the battle royal mode.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is the game of the moment. WePlay Esports takes care of your Apex Legends event. A tournament for your son’s birthday party, or a big event at the local electronics store. Everything is possible, read on for more information.

Just Dance set-up

A birthday bash where everybody is dancing? Or you want a crazy Friday afternoon drink? Choose a Just Dance-event! On our 50″ screens set-up you will be dancing on the hits of Just Dance 2020! A camera registers all the moves. How many stars do you collect?

Race simulator

Rent a racing simulator to boost awareness of your exhibition stand? Or rent a racing simulator for your Friday afternoon drink? We work with the newest Playseats and racing games, we take care of the build-up and build-down, and monitor the event.