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At the opening of the new flagshipstore of the Intersport in Den Haag, Adidas wanted to make themselves known. It was important that many young people came to the store with affinity for football. There, the new Adidas shoes could be tested in an arena, designed by Intersport. Together with, and for, Adidas we designed a cool gaming corner where the ‘battle for the golden controller’ was fought in FIFA. The three hundred participants played with the Adidas team, enjoyed the playing DJ and met influencer FC Roelie. We designed a floor sticker and took care of the socials in the run-up to the activation. Pushed by the channel of FC Roelie and with the support of the PR-bureau of Adidas themselves, about five hundred curious young people tested the new Adidas shoes, guided by our enthusiastic event managers.

The Student Hotel

Het WePlay Esports team

How do you let new students meet each other in both an accessible and relaxed way? Exactly, with a large-scale FIFA tournament in seven locations of The Student Hotel. The Student Hotel is the ideal community for studying internationals.


The Student Hotel welcomes students from all over the world each semester. The seven Dutch locations are in high demand. The Student Hotel is characterized by making people feel at home quickly. Especially that ‘making them feel at home’ is essential. It’s for good reason that every hotel has a ‘connector’ who is responsible for the community. And that connector has just one goal: connecting all student to each other and creating a community feeling.


How do you connect students in a hotel and create a community feeling? Exaclty, with a game of FIFA! We organized a large-scale two-fold cup with qualifying rounds at all seven hotels, followed by a finale in Amsterdam. One cup for the first semester and one cup for the second semester. We supervised every event with two English-speaking event managers, we created an online registration area for all hotes and we took the full organization upon us.

We chose FIFA 19 for its accessibility. Everyone plays FIFA. It’s for good reason that it is the most commonly played game amongst casual gamers. Nothing makes connecting easier than talking about your favorite football club. And with a finale in Amsterdam City, big prizes were also part of the plan. René Treur, internationally acclaimed shoutcaster, took care of live commentary.


Together with the person who had final responsibility, we came up with the concept. When are we going to play? At the start of the semester. Which day is most sensible? A Thursday evening, because that is known as the Student’s evening. For all events, we created a separate Eventbrite page. As such, the participants could easily buy tickets. We linked Eventbrite to our own online registration area. Both us and the hotels had a direct view of the number of sign-ups this way. We supported the hotels with a PR-kit, naturally in their own style, and everything done in English.


  • Approx. 35 participants on average per event.

100% Voetbal

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As an important player in the online football retail market, 100% voetbal wanted to give something back to their customers. 100% was looking for something that aligned with their target group.


Together with 100% Voetbal, we came up with a unique concept. What game do young people play who play football? Exactly, 92% of them play FIFA. As such, the idea of a store tour came to life. A concept in which we went around 14 stores during the Autumn break. Teams of two people were able to sign-up. That way, connectedness arose. Not just with 100% Voetbal, but also with each other. The final took place in the Philips Stadium.


We chose to organize four events per day. Because of that, 100% Voetbal could easily spread out the cup through their own channels. After all, there was only one week in which gaming took place. Two event managers supervised the tournament in every store. We played FIFA 2v2, especially because connectedness was so important. A nice extra: the staff of 100% had a relaxing day, because we took all work of their shoulders. We took full responsibility voor de organization on-site.


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FIFA 19 X Just Dance: a gaming event with exercise for all children of Partou. Partou is the biggest childrens day care organization in the Netherlands. On a daily basis, Partou welcomes more than 26,000 children and 3,600 employees at more than 400 Partous.


Partou organized the bsobattlefor all Partous.. Children of the corresponding Partou were able to gain points for their Partou by completing tasks. The Partou with the biggest number of points per region won a prize. In total, twelve Partous won the prize. And that prize had to be something unique. A prize with which you can make friends. A prize through which we can combine gaming and exercising. Partou was looking for a unique experience for everyone: a gaming event with exercise!


Giving a unique experience is in our DNA. But for this case, we stepped out of our FIFA/Fortnite comfort zone. We opted for a new concept. We divided the participants into two groups. One part with FIFA and one part with Just Dance. Points could be earned for both parts. Both the FIFA part, as well as the Just Dance part, were supervised by an enthusiastic, pedagogically trained event manager.

We chose a combination of FIFA and Just Dance. This combination aligned with the needs of the target group. We catered to both boys and girls. We were gaming and exercising. At the end of the event that took three hours, a brief prize awards ceremony followed. Satisfied – or crying, as they didn’t want to go home – the children returned homeward.


Based on the needs of the head office, we came up with the concept. We presented the concept and tested by means of a pilot. The pilot was satisfactory. We made the concept definitive and started planning. We linked up with the Partou establishments and planned the events. In the meanwhile, we gave our event team a pedagogical training and we kept the head office up-to-date continuously. Because we worked with a standardized concept and a clear schedule, the expectations were clear for every Partou. Event manager Behnam attended all events on-site, supported by another event manager. In between events, we evaluated and made adjustments. This is how we made the in-game controls of FIFA easier, replaced the event to a holiday and added extra songs to Just Dance that the participants asked about.


  • Focused participants for 1.5 hours.
  • NPS from the Partou employees of 100 (!).

Batavia Stad

Het WePlay Esports team

Batavia Stad, perhaps the most well-known Outlet center in the Netherlands, organized the Sport ‘n Health campaign. Well, then esports – the biggest sport of the moment – cannot be missed! We organized a cool activation for sporty young people in-between the age of 12 and 18.


Batavia Stad wanted to reach a young target audience. The goal was clear: extra trafficto Batavia Stad and activate visitors on-site. And all of that in a Batavia Stad ‘look and feel’. The appearance had to be spot-on with a link to fashion. The gaming event, as the closing part of the Sport ‘n Health campaign, had to become the big bang of the week. After all, retail in the 2019 means experiencing..


We created a campaign through which we moved young people to come to Batavia Stad. Batavia Stad created content, we came up with a social media campaign in collaboration with influencers Kaj Sierhuis and Frank van der Slot, and we organized a FIFA 19 tournament. In order to activate visitors on-site, we placed a gaming boat outside. Visitors could not only play in a tournament format against Kaj and Frank, but were also able to play freestyle football with Nordin Stitou. And all of that in a tip-top Batavia‘look and feel’, complete with branding, logo wall, artificial grass pitch and POS-material.


By keeping ‘generating traffic‘, ‘activating’ and ‘the Batavia Stad look and feel’ in the back of our heads, we came up with the campaign. Luc supervised the project and was the fixed contact person in the run-up to the event (approximately for around four weeks). We moved quickly. We chose influencers Frank van der Slot (commentator Fox Sports) and Kaj Sierhuis (football player Ajax/FC Groningen). Influencers with a high level of engagement, connected to both football and FIFA, and with a fashionable appearance.

The marketing team of Batavia Stad took care of the content, while we designed a personalized online registration area. We maintained contact with influencers Frank and Kaj, who were the faces of the campaign. All together, they reached about 100K followers through story posts. The event gained attention. The sign-ups rolled in, primarily through swipe-ups from the Instagram stories of Frank and Kaj. An automated flow of emails and text messages ensured that many participants came to the event.

On the day itself, the event managers Alex, Behnam and Delano made sure that everything went well. The gaming booth outside generated a lot of attention. Inside, the tournament took place. We thought of the appearance of it all: branding on the game cases, a logo wall, artificial grass pitch and POS-material that all gave a Batavia Stad feel. Of course, a DJ couldn’t be missed. Under loud applause and accompanied by Eye of the Tiger, winner Jesper got awarded the first place prize from Frank and Kaj.


  • Well over 500 visitors and interested people.
  • 70 participating players.
  • 100K reach through Instagram story posts.


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How can you celebrate the launch of FIFA 20 in the best possible way? By organizing the biggest FIFA tournament of Belgium! We did that for MediaMarkt Belgium! With twenty in-store qualifying rounds, one big finale and approximately five hundred competitors.

The challenge

We were charged with the duty to create awareness for the launch of FIFA 20 for MediaMarkt. Because FIFA 20 launches on September 27 and can be pre-ordered at MediaMarkt. MediaMarkt and big partners had to be visible. Within this top segment, the appearance is extremely important. And all of that in both Dutch and French..

The solution

Starting on Monday, September 2 until Thursday, September 12, we organized the qualifying rounds – in more than twenty MediaMarkt stores – for the finals of Saturday, September 14. The finale took place in Wilrijk, at the flagshipstore. Everything was branded with MediaMarkt (and partners): from POS-material and tournament software, to the logo wall and displays. We created maximal awareness for both visitors as for the participants, through the online and offline channels. By involving all partners in our expressions (developed in both Dutch and French), they were excellently visible during all events. Additionally, the events were fluently supervised by both Dutch and French-speaking event managers.

Twenty local events
and one national finale

We chose to build the displays around the TVs, because of which the brands became visible in MediaMarkt’s corporate identity. We used CSS to transform the tournament software into MediaMarkt’s corporate identity. We designed POS-material based on MediaMarkt’s style guide and the logo wall for the finale was order as well.

Simultaneously, MediaMarkt opened the online registration area and kick-started the campaign through their socials. Within no-time, 80% of events were filled up.

local events

Prior to the local tournaments, we met with the management, marketeers, local store managers and our team at the head office of MediaMarkt Belgium. We discussed the schedule and ran through the event. The communication lines were clear. We demonstrated the tournament on the spot by organizing a FIFA tournament for MediaMarkt.

We chose to have the events be supervised by the same event managers at all times. Luckily, a number of our event managers have French roots. This way, we could serve both the Flemish and the Walloon part in their native language. Coming from their hotel rooms, our event mangers were always present well in time for each of the qualifying rounds. We took our time for the build-up and awarded gift vouchers and prizes to the winners of the local qualifying rounds.

National finale

For the finale, we went big. In collaboration with Ziva Events, we opted for big finale screens. Ideal: because this way, the visitors could watch along with the players. The logo wall and prizes were clearly visible. MediaMarkt could easily produce content with their influencers. And because the event was hosted by both a Dutch-speaking, as well as a French-speaking host, it became an unforgettable event for every Belgian. Especially for the winner, because he went home with a Samsung QLED 4K screen at the value of € 2500!


  • 20 in-store qualifying rounds
  • 1 big finale
  • Approx. 500 participants


Het WePlay Esports team

Fortnite activation with Honor P20 Pro

The Honor P20 Pro is coming out. And that needs to be celebrated! Under the authority of Belsimpel, we therefore came up with a gaming activation surrounding the release of the device. We created a map in Honor ‘look and feel’ and we held a tournament for Honor fans and Gamemeneer during the release party.


Belsimpel organized the release party for the Honor P20 under the authority of Honor. Belsimpel had one question. How can we activate the partnership between Honor and Fortnite? We only got little time to work with. The event was scheduled within 21 days.


The solution was obvious: a tournament on the Honor P20 Pro. We designed a Fortnite map in Honor ‘look and feel’ and we came up with a competitive form. All players played in the same Fortnite map through creative mode. On ten mobile phones with headset, the approximately forty invitees of the prize contest were able to game. We designed the space with a Fortnite wall, Fortnite boxes and decorated the entire place. Our enthusiastic team took all weight off Belsimple/Honor’s shoulders.


We went to work immediately, because with 21 days on the clock, we had to take action straight away. Luckily, doing is in our DNA. We put the personalized registration page online en Honor started attracting participants through a prize competition. Simultaneously, in creative mode, we designed a unique Fortnite map in the ‘look and feel’ of Honor. The game concept on site was great in its simplicity: a deathmatch of ten minutes, supervised by our event managers. Time ticked away on the big screens, on which the participants could also see the leaderboard so far. And naturally, we decorated the space beautifully. Because Gamemeneer also joined the event, it became an unforgettable day for the forty attending participants. Mission successful: the partnership between Honor and Fortnite couldn’t have been expressed more explicitly.


  • Unique Honor Fortnite map
  • Complete realization within 21 days

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