Batavia Stad

Het WePlay Esports team

Batavia Stad, perhaps the most well-known Outlet center in the Netherlands, organized the Sport ‘n Health campaign. Well, then esports – the biggest sport of the moment – cannot be missed! We organized a cool activation for sporty young people in-between the age of 12 and 18.


Batavia Stad wanted to reach a young target audience. The goal was clear: extra trafficto Batavia Stad and activate visitors on-site. And all of that in a Batavia Stad ‘look and feel’. The appearance had to be spot-on with a link to fashion. The gaming event, as the closing part of the Sport ‘n Health campaign, had to become the big bang of the week. After all, retail in the 2019 means experiencing..


We created a campaign through which we moved young people to come to Batavia Stad. Batavia Stad created content, we came up with a social media campaign in collaboration with influencers Kaj Sierhuis and Frank van der Slot, and we organized a FIFA 19 tournament. In order to activate visitors on-site, we placed a gaming boat outside. Visitors could not only play in a tournament format against Kaj and Frank, but were also able to play freestyle football with Nordin Stitou. And all of that in a tip-top Batavia‘look and feel’, complete with branding, logo wall, artificial grass pitch and POS-material.


By keeping ‘generating traffic‘, ‘activating’ and ‘the Batavia Stad look and feel’ in the back of our heads, we came up with the campaign. Luc supervised the project and was the fixed contact person in the run-up to the event (approximately for around four weeks). We moved quickly. We chose influencers Frank van der Slot (commentator Fox Sports) and Kaj Sierhuis (football player Ajax/FC Groningen). Influencers with a high level of engagement, connected to both football and FIFA, and with a fashionable appearance.

The marketing team of Batavia Stad took care of the content, while we designed a personalized online registration area. We maintained contact with influencers Frank and Kaj, who were the faces of the campaign. All together, they reached about 100K followers through story posts. The event gained attention. The sign-ups rolled in, primarily through swipe-ups from the Instagram stories of Frank and Kaj. An automated flow of emails and text messages ensured that many participants came to the event.

On the day itself, the event managers Alex, Behnam and Delano made sure that everything went well. The gaming booth outside generated a lot of attention. Inside, the tournament took place. We thought of the appearance of it all: branding on the game cases, a logo wall, artificial grass pitch and POS-material that all gave a Batavia Stad feel. Of course, a DJ couldn’t be missed. Under loud applause and accompanied by Eye of the Tiger, winner Jesper got awarded the first place prize from Frank and Kaj.