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Het WePlay Esports team

FIFA 19 X Just Dance: a gaming event with exercise for all children of Partou. Partou is the biggest childrens day care organization in the Netherlands. On a daily basis, Partou welcomes more than 26,000 children and 3,600 employees at more than 400 Partous.


Partou organized the bsobattlefor all Partous.. Children of the corresponding Partou were able to gain points for their Partou by completing tasks. The Partou with the biggest number of points per region won a prize. In total, twelve Partous won the prize. And that prize had to be something unique. A prize with which you can make friends. A prize through which we can combine gaming and exercising. Partou was looking for a unique experience for everyone: a gaming event with exercise!


Giving a unique experience is in our DNA. But for this case, we stepped out of our FIFA/Fortnite comfort zone. We opted for a new concept. We divided the participants into two groups. One part with FIFA and one part with Just Dance. Points could be earned for both parts. Both the FIFA part, as well as the Just Dance part, were supervised by an enthusiastic, pedagogically trained event manager.

We chose a combination of FIFA and Just Dance. This combination aligned with the needs of the target group. We catered to both boys and girls. We were gaming and exercising. At the end of the event that took three hours, a brief prize awards ceremony followed. Satisfied – or crying, as they didn’t want to go home – the children returned homeward.


Based on the needs of the head office, we came up with the concept. We presented the concept and tested by means of a pilot. The pilot was satisfactory. We made the concept definitive and started planning. We linked up with the Partou establishments and planned the events. In the meanwhile, we gave our event team a pedagogical training and we kept the head office up-to-date continuously. Because we worked with a standardized concept and a clear schedule, the expectations were clear for every Partou. Event manager Behnam attended all events on-site, supported by another event manager. In between events, we evaluated and made adjustments. This is how we made the in-game controls of FIFA easier, replaced the event to a holiday and added extra songs to Just Dance that the participants asked about.