The Student Hotel

Het WePlay Esports team

How do you let new students meet each other in both an accessible and relaxed way? Exactly, with a large-scale FIFA tournament in seven locations of The Student Hotel. The Student Hotel is the ideal community for studying internationals.


The Student Hotel welcomes students from all over the world each semester. The seven Dutch locations are in high demand. The Student Hotel is characterized by making people feel at home quickly. Especially that ‘making them feel at home’ is essential. It’s for good reason that every hotel has a ‘connector’ who is responsible for the community. And that connector has just one goal: connecting all student to each other and creating a community feeling.


How do you connect students in a hotel and create a community feeling? Exaclty, with a game of FIFA! We organized a large-scale two-fold cup with qualifying rounds at all seven hotels, followed by a finale in Amsterdam. One cup for the first semester and one cup for the second semester. We supervised every event with two English-speaking event managers, we created an online registration area for all hotes and we took the full organization upon us.

We chose FIFA 19 for its accessibility. Everyone plays FIFA. It’s for good reason that it is the most commonly played game amongst casual gamers. Nothing makes connecting easier than talking about your favorite football club. And with a finale in Amsterdam City, big prizes were also part of the plan. René Treur, internationally acclaimed shoutcaster, took care of live commentary.


Together with the person who had final responsibility, we came up with the concept. When are we going to play? At the start of the semester. Which day is most sensible? A Thursday evening, because that is known as the Student’s evening. For all events, we created a separate Eventbrite page. As such, the participants could easily buy tickets. We linked Eventbrite to our own online registration area. Both us and the hotels had a direct view of the number of sign-ups this way. We supported the hotels with a PR-kit, naturally in their own style, and everything done in English.