Who are we

The address of our website is: http://weplayesports.com.

Which personal data we collect and why we collect it


Whenever visitors leave comments on our website, we collect the data as presented in the comment form, as well as the visitor’s IP address and the browser user agent, in order to help detect spam.

An anonymised string, created on the basis of your email address (also known as a ‘hash’), could be sent to the Gravatar service if you make use of this service. The privacy policy page can be found here: https://automattic.com/privacy/. Once your comment has been approved, your profile picture will be displayed publicly in the context of your comment.


If you are a registered user that uploads images to the website, you should prevent uploading images that contain EXIF GPS location data. Website visitors can potentially download images from the website and view the location data.

Contact forms


When you leave a comment on our website, you can select whether you consent to save your name, email address, and website in a cookie. We offer this service for your convenience, as you would not have to re-enter your details for a new comment. These cookies are valid for a year.

If you visit our login page, we store a temporary cookie in order to check whether your browser accepts cookies. This cookie does not contain any personal data and will be deleted once you close your browser.

Once you log in, we will store a few cookies relating to your login information and screen display preferences. Login cookies are valid for 2 days, and screen display preferences are valid for 1 year. If you select the “Remember me” option, your login will be stored for 2 weeks. Once you log out of your account, all login cookies will be deleted.

When you edit or publish a message, your browser will store an additional cookie. This cookie does not contain any personal data and only contains the post ID of the article that you edited. This cookie expires after one day.

Embedded content from other websites

Messages on this website can potentially contain embedded content (e.g. videos, images, messages, etc.). Embedded content from other websites interacts exactly as if the visitor were to visit another website.

These websites can potentially collect data from you, make use of cookies, embed third-party tracking, and monitor your interactions with the embedded content, including the interaction with embedded content when you own an account and are logged in to that website.


With whom we share your data

How long we store your data

When you leave a comment, that comment and its metadata will be stored indefinitely. This allows us to automatically detect follow-up comments and approve them, rather than moderating them.

For users who register themselves on our website (if available), we will also store the personal data that they provide in their user profile. All users have the right to view, edit or delete their personal data at any time (with the exception of changing their user name). The website’s administrators can also view and edit this data.

Your rights regarding your data

If you own an account on this website, or if you have left any comments, you are entitled to request an export file containing your personal data that we own, including all information you provided us with. You are also entitled to request the removal of all of your personal data that we possess. This removal does not include any data that we are required to store for administrative, legal or security purposes.

Where we send your data

Visitors’ comments can potentially be monitored by means of an automated spam detection service.

Your contact details

Additional details

How we protect your data

Which data leak procedures we implemented

From which third parties we receive data

What automated decisions we take and what kind of profiling we do with user information

Industry obligations regarding disclosure