Fortnite LAN party with WePlay Esports

The world is captivated by Fortnite. Old and young, everyone has been playing the free game ‘Fortnite – Battle Royale’ since a number of months. Not only casual gamers have flocked to play this game, but also many FIFA Youtubers have (live)streamed this new competitive environment. Koen Weijland, in collaboration with Paskie Rokus, made a compilation of his progress in Fortnite.

We at WePlay Esports naturally would like to take advantage of that. Naturally, we could simply set-up our consoles and let them play Fortnite, but then there is no guarantee that the players end up in the same world. And that undermines our entire philosophy: having fun together. It’d be everyone for themselves. But, as of last week, that has been changed.

Thanks to a new update from the developers of the game, it is now possible to create a private game. Anyone that uses the same ‘key’, is dropped into the same world. That way, we can organize amazing events in which everyone is dropped into the same world together. For more information regarding these possibilities, we would like to refer you to the Fortnite event page.

How does Fortnite work?
The game is fundamentally different from many other shooters like Call of Duty, Counter Strike and Battlefield. In these games, the goal is to get as many kills as possible. Fortnite is not just about kills, but also about surviving. You are dropped into a world with about 80 other players and whoever survives the longest, wins the game. There are various tactics to win the game. Because players can alter the world themselves by demolishing or building certain elements, the game becomes super dynamic and interactive.

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