Adidas activation at Intersport Den Haag

We organized an activation for Adidas in the Intersport Twinsport Den Haag.

Saturday, October 28 was the day. The battle for the golden controller commenced in the Intersport Twinsport Den Haag. Who remains unbeaten the longest? It was Mehdi who, under the commentary of Youtuber FC Roellie, possessed the controller for 181 minutes, without conceding one goal. In the meanwhile, a DJ brought in a lively atmosphere, while customers of Intersport could try new ‘skill games’ while wearing Adidas shoes.

Goal of the day: Activate Adidas during the opening of the Intersports Twinsport in Den Haag. WePlay Esports created an Adidas branded FIFA 18 area and took care of the guidance. It was a big success. And partially because FC Roellie had announced the activation through his YouTube channel (250K subscribers) and was present on site (this is how you reach the milennial nowadays), there was a lot of traffic in the store.

Curious as to what we can do you? We would like to help think when it comes to branding and activations. We would love to employ our network of commercial parties and influencers in order to help you!

The activation in the Intersport Twinsport Den Haagwas a collaboration between Adidasand WePlay Esports.

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