Rotterdam gets its own esports competition!

In 2019, the first Esoccer Championship Rotterdam will take place. This is a FIFA 19 competition for sports clubs (mainly football clubs) from the are of Rotterdam, supported by Rotterdam Sportsupport.

After a successful pilot with Rotterdam Sportsupport and six sports assocations from Rotterdam in 2018, WePlay Esports and House of Esports have joint forces. Based on the experiences of the past season and with a new format, they’ve come up with a new concept: the Esoccer Championship Rotterdam. A FIFA 19 competition for sports clubs and primarily football clubs.

The thought behind this is boosting the regular recreational sports and the recreational sports within esports. By having gamers take the stage, the level will rise and more structure within the sports will arise. An amateur competition like the Rotterdam Esoccer Championship will become a breeding ground with gaming talents for teams or associations that play at a higher level.

For more background information and interviews (in Dutch) we’d like to refer you to the articles of RTV Rijnmond, Marketing Tribune en Sponsor Report.

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