How can you celebrate the launch of FIFA 20 in the best possible way? By organizing the biggest FIFA tournament of Belgium! We did that for MediaMarkt Belgium! With twenty in-store qualifying rounds, one big finale and approximately five hundred competitors.

The challenge

We were charged with the duty to create awareness for the launch of FIFA 20 for MediaMarkt. Because FIFA 20 launches on September 27 and can be pre-ordered at MediaMarkt. MediaMarkt and big partners had to be visible. Within this top segment, the appearance is extremely important. And all of that in both Dutch and French..

The solution

Starting on Monday, September 2 until Thursday, September 12, we organized the qualifying rounds – in more than twenty MediaMarkt stores – for the finals of Saturday, September 14. The finale took place in Wilrijk, at the flagshipstore. Everything was branded with MediaMarkt (and partners): from POS-material and tournament software, to the logo wall and displays. We created maximal awareness for both visitors as for the participants, through the online and offline channels. By involving all partners in our expressions (developed in both Dutch and French), they were excellently visible during all events. Additionally, the events were fluently supervised by both Dutch and French-speaking event managers.

Twenty local events
and one national finale

We chose to build the displays around the TVs, because of which the brands became visible in MediaMarkt’s corporate identity. We used CSS to transform the tournament software into MediaMarkt’s corporate identity. We designed POS-material based on MediaMarkt’s style guide and the logo wall for the finale was order as well.

Simultaneously, MediaMarkt opened the online registration area and kick-started the campaign through their socials. Within no-time, 80% of events were filled up.

local events

Prior to the local tournaments, we met with the management, marketeers, local store managers and our team at the head office of MediaMarkt Belgium. We discussed the schedule and ran through the event. The communication lines were clear. We demonstrated the tournament on the spot by organizing a FIFA tournament for MediaMarkt.

We chose to have the events be supervised by the same event managers at all times. Luckily, a number of our event managers have French roots. This way, we could serve both the Flemish and the Walloon part in their native language. Coming from their hotel rooms, our event mangers were always present well in time for each of the qualifying rounds. We took our time for the build-up and awarded gift vouchers and prizes to the winners of the local qualifying rounds.

National finale

For the finale, we went big. In collaboration with Ziva Events, we opted for big finale screens. Ideal: because this way, the visitors could watch along with the players. The logo wall and prizes were clearly visible. MediaMarkt could easily produce content with their influencers. And because the event was hosted by both a Dutch-speaking, as well as a French-speaking host, it became an unforgettable event for every Belgian. Especially for the winner, because he went home with a Samsung QLED 4K screen at the value of € 2500!