100% Voetbal

Het WePlay Esports team


As an important player in the online football retail market, 100% voetbal wanted to give something back to their customers. 100% was looking for something that aligned with their target group.


Together with 100% Voetbal, we came up with a unique concept. What game do young people play who play football? Exactly, 92% of them play FIFA. As such, the idea of a store tour came to life. A concept in which we went around 14 stores during the Autumn break. Teams of two people were able to sign-up. That way, connectedness arose. Not just with 100% Voetbal, but also with each other. The final took place in the Philips Stadium.


We chose to organize four events per day. Because of that, 100% Voetbal could easily spread out the cup through their own channels. After all, there was only one week in which gaming took place. Two event managers supervised the tournament in every store. We played FIFA 2v2, especially because connectedness was so important. A nice extra: the staff of 100% had a relaxing day, because we took all work of their shoulders. We took full responsibility voor de organization on-site.