Fortnite activation with Honor P20 Pro

The Honor P20 Pro is coming out. And that needs to be celebrated! Under the authority of Belsimpel, we therefore came up with a gaming activation surrounding the release of the device. We created a map in Honor ‘look and feel’ and we held a tournament for Honor fans and Gamemeneer during the release party.


Belsimpel organized the release party for the Honor P20 under the authority of Honor. Belsimpel had one question. How can we activate the partnership between Honor and Fortnite? We only got little time to work with. The event was scheduled within 21 days.


The solution was obvious: a tournament on the Honor P20 Pro. We designed a Fortnite map in Honor ‘look and feel’ and we came up with a competitive form. All players played in the same Fortnite map through creative mode. On ten mobile phones with headset, the approximately forty invitees of the prize contest were able to game. We designed the space with a Fortnite wall, Fortnite boxes and decorated the entire place. Our enthusiastic team took all weight off Belsimple/Honor’s shoulders.


We went to work immediately, because with 21 days on the clock, we had to take action straight away. Luckily, doing is in our DNA. We put the personalized registration page online en Honor started attracting participants through a prize competition. Simultaneously, in creative mode, we designed a unique Fortnite map in the ‘look and feel’ of Honor. The game concept on site was great in its simplicity: a deathmatch of ten minutes, supervised by our event managers. Time ticked away on the big screens, on which the participants could also see the leaderboard so far. And naturally, we decorated the space beautifully. Because Gamemeneer also joined the event, it became an unforgettable day for the forty attending participants. Mission successful: the partnership between Honor and Fortnite couldn’t have been expressed more explicitly.


  • Unique Honor Fortnite map
  • Complete realization within 21 days